WTF Are Caked Apes?

Caked Apes are 8,888 unique and randomly generated NFTs created by artists Cake Nygard and Taylor.WTF. The traits are all derived from projects in Taylor.WTF's expansive library of NFTs including: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Deadfellaz, Doge pound, Gutter Cat Gang, Cool Cats, Crypto Mories, Metaheroes, Bad Kids Alley, Pixel Tots, Rumble Kongz, Robotos, Cryptoadz, Punks, Pudgy Penguins, Smilesss, Peaceful Groupies and more!
A rotating set of four different caked apes


We took a snapshot in December to qualify people into a VIP sale. Holders of any NFT in the following collections will be the first allowed to mint Caked Apes:
A roadmap of the Caked Apes project

The Team

Meet the artists behind the project: Two of the NFT community's biggest powerhouses and the development team that have launched some of the world's most successful blockchain projects.